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Closet Audit Your Wardrobe, Our Amazing Ideas
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Your Wardrobe, Our Amazing Ideas

Better than a winning lottery ticket!

Are you bored with your wardrobe? Did you go sale crazy but donít have a clue how to put any of it together? Are you completely confused by how to mix and match colors and prints? Are you the lucky recipient of your grandmotherís jewelry with no idea how to wear any of it? This is for you! We will create new outfits using the items you already own, and give you pictures of each as a reminder!
PRICE: $250 (three hours)
  • Learn how to mix and match patterns and colors.
  • A new wardrobe without paying the price of one.
  • Peace of mind and the ability to dress quickly.
  • Less dusting because you'll actually be using what used to just sit there and mock you.
Contact Bridget at the number below to schedule your appointment. You will be asked to make sure our working area is clean and free of clutter. Have all of the pieces you want to discuss easily accessible. That's it!

Please note the Body Type Analysis and Closet Audit are not included with this service.