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Tchad Elliott - Fashion Designer:
“Over the past year, I have used her services again and again in consultation for my ready to wear line. Most of her clients use her for personal shopping and wardrobe selection and management. That is where she really excels. She is able to size up the client - both literally and figuratively - and put them in the clothes they need to be in. She gives them the look that they should have - not just some cookie-cutter trend. Part of her process relies on the projected life of the client - where the client wants to be professionally, socially, and psychologically. She then structures her advice based on these parameters.

But my experience with her is not because she has revamped my closet. I consult her when I need to know if my garments will sell, or how they may need to be presented. Bridget is always on point with current trends, advice, and helpful tips when it comes to appealing to a certain demographic. She knows what women want, how they want it, and how these may differ from what they need. She has been an excellent consultant. ”

N. (28, female):
“Going through my wardrobe with you made me really see what was in there.  Your advice and our discussions gave me a much better sense of what I wanted my wardrobe to look like.  It's been a great lesson that I'll take with me when I shop from now on!”

“I think of you every time I go shopping.  You really helped me break a few bad habits, and that still continues so thanks again!”

H. (37, female):
“I was amazed that we found "the" pair of jeans in less than half the time it would've taken me on my own, and since I'm a working mom, my time is very important. Your knowledge and professional style made me feel like a queen. I love my new jeans! Thanks, Bridget!”

M. (40, female):
“I was so nervous to do my wardrobe assessment! You took so much time and care and you organized and planned things out. You turned a stressful situation into a positive experience for me. I feel so good about my closet now. I am forever grateful!”

J. (34, male):
“I just wanted to thank you again for coming to my home, and spending your time with me today.  I really feel I learned a lot that is going to help me look and feel more professional and better in general.”

“Your knowledge and expertise have been invaluable!  Now that I'm "dressing the part", I've been attending networking events I did not feel comfortable attending before.  Thank you!”

S. (30, female): 
“I had such a great time today and learned a lot about what I can pair together in order to look professional and interesting. Thank you so much for your patience and suggestions.”

“The jacket fits like a glove and is perfect!  Thank you!”

J. (56, female):
“I learned so much from our wardrobe session...I saw how structured apparel will help me look more tailored while showing off my "curvy" body.  You showed me things I never would have thought of before our session. I'm thankful I met you.”