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Body Type Analysis Shopping Partner Service
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Body Type Analysis

The long and short of it.

An hourglass silhouette is considered ideal because of its balanced look. Unfortunately, the majority of us didnít receive the memo before we were born! Thankfully, you can create a balanced body shape through clothing. Unless you're a professional wardrobe stylist, you likely don't know the specifics of your body shape, let alone which styles you should be wearing. A Body Type Analysis will tell you everything you need to know.
PRICE: $99
  • Learn and wear the styles that flatter you
  • Look put-together in any situation - casual or dressy
  • Peace of mind, positive self-image, confidence
  • Control over your appearance
  • Learn what to do if a garment doesnít fit perfectly off-the-rack
You will be asked to send us three digital full-length photos of you, including one front view, one side view, and one back view. We must be able to see your body clearly from head to toe. You will receive a comprehensive analysis in the form of a PDF document that includes an explanation and pictures of your body shape and the styles that work best for you.