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About Bridget
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Stylist Bridget Smith
As Founder of The Wardrobe Coach, a personal wardrobe consulting company, Bridget Smith provides wardrobe coaching and shopping services for men and women, individuals and companies alike. Although, if you asked Bridget she would say she provides confidence and peace of mind while working with each unique individual’s style personality. Self-dubbed, “the people’s wardrobe coach,” she dedicates her fashion expertise to helping people of all ages and sizes put their best foot forward by showing them how to dress for their body shape, lifestyle and their personal and professional goals. “In today’s competitive environment, it’s critical to use your visual presentation as a strategy to improve your personal and professional life,” she says. “So many people can do what you do, so it has to be about something more.”

Bridget has been a student of fashion since her early teens, when she picked up her first fashion magazine. Today - fueled by her passion for design and understanding of the importance of detail – the wardrobe coach has garnered brand recognition and regard from the fashionista scene she once studied. Private clients of hers include executives, media personalities, and fellow entrepreneurs, as well as stay-at-home moms, retirees, students, and young adults just starting their careers. In order to provide fresh material for every budget, style and look, Bridget always stays on the brink of up-and-coming independent designers, established names, and the best items in boutiques and retail outlets of every scale.

Bridget is recognized by the media as a professional wardrobe and personal style expert and has contributed to online magazines such as Wingman Daily and Second City Style; the national newsletter for Step Up Women’s Network; and the Chicago Collection magazine included in the New York Times Sunday Edition. She speaks frequently to groups of various sizes on topics including the top wardrobe challenges for women, key rules for dressing well regardless of your age, size or color, self-branding, shopping smart, and dressing for an interview.

Prior to forging her own path as an entrepreneur, Bridget was the Corporate Project Director for an online marketing company, responsible for leading international software product launches with teams around the globe. She leverages her more than 15 years of client relations and project management experience to save her clients’ money and time. She earned her B.A. in interdisciplinary humanities from Michigan State University, with a focus on English, theater and telecommunications.